We often hear commercials advertising for custom homes in a production development. Or builders that have any number of stock home plans that they build on properties in various locations which are described as custom homes. While it’s possible for production builders to offer modification of a stock plan, a custom home is different than a modified stock plan, it is designed for an individual on a specific piece of property. And while stock plans are very suitable for many situations, it’s incorrect to call them custom homes. Doing so dilutes the characteristics of what a custom home really is, as well as leads to confusion among homeowners.  So, what is a custom home?

In essence a custom home is a home designed from scratch, designed to suit the characteristics of the land and climate where it is being built. Deschutes County, and Central Oregon in general, have diverse geographic features and micro-climates that should be considered with each home project. Most importantly a custom home is designed around the circumstances and lifestyle of the owners. For instance when you have a young family you’ll want a home that is very different than when you are an empty nester.

Every custom home does not need to be finished to the same degree, or be an executive level home.  A custom home can cost virtually the same as a home from a stock plan. The additional design cost above the stock plan costs for a custom home are a very small part of the overall construction budget.

There is more time needed at the beginning during the design process for a truly custom home, but the additional time need can be as little as a matter of a couple of weeks.

So if you are thinking of a new home project, consider a custom home where your new home design starts with a blank piece of paper and a dream!